Leffe and Eva have been playing together since the spring of 2015. The music reflects their life experiences and influenced by the time rock guitarist and singer in the youth days. Together they create music in the genre pop music.

Life events, their names and wishes of those thought to what they should call themselves as a duo got them in the end to take the name of life. For a couple who really love life, it is a very fitting name!

Out on the gigs they mix their own songs and interpretations of other great songwriters / performers. With their love for the music they create a great atmosphere at their gigs. They mix emotional songs with lyrics that requires some thoughtfulness with a little more light-hearted music with warmth and humor. To be touched by the lyrics and music are important to both of them.

Teaser for our upcoming single “Aldrig Stanna Här"

A song about the difficulties of life and the decision that it may actually be enough !! Especially dedicated to all those who need the power to move on to a better life ...

We have now released our first single!

Vad Tänker Du På (Swedish for "What are you thinking of”)

It’s a song about unrequited love and a desire to know how the mind goes with the person you thought you would share the rest of your life together with...

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LEVA in the studio


Today we record the guitar on on song called “Last Chance To Say Goodbye” which we plan to release later this year.

Because we work with the music of off duty hours it's important to work as much as possible the moments that we have together in the studio.

Sometimes it takes creativity us astray, which admittedly can be really good, but that also means that it takes a little longer to finish the projects that we work with.

New songs are born when things happen in life that shake one's inner and doing that for a while, see things with new eyes.

Music is a great way for both listeners and those who create it to come into contact with their innermost feelings.