Leffe Andersson

Leffe was facing his first audience and sang solo already seven years old, the interest in music has always been strong.

He started playing guitar in his first band at age 15 and when he turned 21 he took the stage to devote himself to music full time. Around 25 did, however, love and family life of the guitar and ended up on the shelf for years.

But as interest in music has always been strong as he resumed playing the guitar when children become great and there was more time for music.

Since 2014, music has once again become a center of life, and he has decorated parts of the house and studio and rehearsal space.

Eva Unger

Eva sang for an audience the first time when she was 8 years old. After high school she chose, however, horses that his main interest, and the music had to wait ...

It took so long, almost 30 years before the love of music really came to life again for real, and it took an equestrian / horse accident that changed everything.

She grabbed an old dream and bought his first guitar.

Guitar Teacher challenged her to write five original songs during the break over Christmas and New Year 2014-2015 bit for fun, but she took it seriously and now has written over 130 songs.